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Africa is a continent filled with some of the most beautiful people around the world. But one of the things that Africans are known for is their kindness and willingness to help wherever they can. Be it as part of their job or just a concerned citizen, you will not run out of a group of people who are ready to help you. While the culture of tipping in Africa varies according to a country and in most cases according to the individual themselves, it is not pertinent that someone give out a tip after enjoying a service.

So with that in mind, it's no surprise if you want to be prepared when it comes to whether or not you will tip as well as what is the right amount to tip your waiter, cab driver and so forth. You want to make sure you tip just right. Below are a few things to keep in mind about tipping while on your African Safari.


Fine dining is a trend that has slowly taken hold of the Kenyan people. One will find that more people are choosing to have a nice dinner out with friends instead of staying in and having the same meal they did the previous night, and restaurants have noticed this. You will find a plethora of them lining up the streets of Nairobi. But when one is a true foodie there is more to the fine dining experience than just what meets the palette.

Rooftop restaurants offer diners a unique experience that combines food and ones senses to delight the mind, body and soul. But the best of the best are located in beautiful hotels that highlight style and luxury at an affordable rate for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


Anytime you decide to pick up your bags and head on a safari, the daunting task of having to pick just the right tailor made safari that will cater to everyone's needs in the group, can be a bit of a challenge. So what exactly is it that you need to know to make your search that much easier?

"Travelling, it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a story teller." Ibn Battuta

Take a look below at our top two things you will need to consider as you plan to embark on your tailor-made African safari.


It would seem with the changing times we get to see the best wildlife through the lens of some of the best photographers from around the world. But if you are looking to see mind blowing art in motion then below is a list of our top six photographers who capture African wildlife effortlessly.


Africa is a continent filled with some of the most beautiful wildlife the world has to offer. From lions to elephants, you can never run out of something to feed your sight. But one of the most common animals you shall encounter while on an African Safari is the Zebra.

Commonly known as Punda Milia in Kenya and closely related to horses and the like, this animal is in plenty in the African fields with its stunning black and white striped body. Below are a few facts about Zebras that you can use to enrich your travel experience.


Picking an ideal safari for you and your loved one can be a bit tricky, with their being so many options out there. But what if you could get everything you ever wanted to do and experience into one ideal all-inclusive Kenyan Safari offer?

Below is just that and more. From hot air balloons to nature walks with a naturalist, this safari is one you definitely do not want to miss.


One cannot control the need for wanderlust when it sprouts in their life. It does not discriminate, and whether you know someone who is disabled or are disabled yourself, you may be thinking of taking some time out to head on a safari, but are scared that it might be too much of a hustle.

Not to worry, here are a few tips that you can use to guide you before you embark on your journey.


The thrill that comes about when you try something new and exciting can never be replaced. But one of the best adventures if you are thinking of heading to the Mara for some much deserved R&R, taking a Hot Air Balloon Safari over the beautiful scenes of the Mara.

Below find a few of the experiences you can expect to experience that will mentally prepare you for an amazing time in the blue.


A family vacation is a great way to experience something new, such as culture, as well as the fact that it helps bring the family closer. This is because of the shared experience and time away from everyone else that you and your family get to enjoy. Combine that with Kenya and you have the perfect recipe for an out of bounds time in the wild.

This experience, if handled and arranged well, is one that will be for the record books. But sometimes travelling with the family can be a bit hard due to the different personalities and age groups present. Here are a few things you can consider when you are preparing for your journey with the family.


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